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June 2018: National Women's Show, Canada

May 2018:What to Pay For on The Company Credit Card

April 2018: Food Trends for Spring and Summer

April 2018: No Confidence? No Way

March 2018:How to Start a Juice Bar Business with a Small Investment

February 2018: How To Get a Cheap Private Chef

January 2018: Canadian Food Trends for 2018

January 2018: The Art of Matching Beer with Desserts


December 2017: The Price is Right

November 2017: Learn how to Start a Home-Based Nutrition Coaching Business

May 2017: How dinner is changing to suit today’s hectic lifestyles

May 2017: Canadian Food: The Most 'Canadian' Foods Include Bacon, Poutine And Maple Syrup

April 2017: Meal Delivery Services Aren’t Saving You Any Money

March 2017: Canadian Food Championships 2017

March 2017: Canadian Food Trends for 2017

March 2017: I'm a Doctor.  If I Drop Food on The Kitchen Floor, I Still Eat It.

February 2017: Food You Can Still eat After The Expiry Date

January 2017: You Have An Idea For a Food Business.  Now What?

January 2017: Mobile Credit Card Processing Solutions for Personal Chefs


December 2016: How Home Chef is Making Healthy Eating at Home Easy and Affordable

December 2016: Chef Challenge 2017

November 2016: How This Celebrity Chef Over-Hauled Her Life In a Day

November 2016: Global Leaders' Personal Chefs Sample Indian Market Fare

October 2016: The World's First Home Robotic Chef Can Cook Over 100 Meals

October 2016: Personal Chef Job Description and Salary Info

September 2016: Tax Tips on Tips - a Guide for Chefs

August 2016: Caribbean Food Is Pretty Healthy, But Here's How To Make It Healthier

August 2016: Member of The Chef Alliance - camp cook

August 2016: Adjusting to Marketplace Changes

August 2016: Europe Deliverd

August 2016: Fish Served to Allergic Customer Nearly Kills Him

July 2016: On-demand chef startup shuts down

July 2016: 38% of consumers would hire a Personal Chef

June 2016: P.E.I. cook gets creative in clients' kitchens

May 2016: How to Become a Personal Chef

April 2016: How The Personal Chef To TRH Prince And Princess Of Wales Built Her Royal Career

April 2016: Using Lessons From Great Chefs to Help Us Work Clean

January 2016: Jacques Pepin's Advice for Young Chefs

January 2016: 13 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Personal Chef


​December 2015: Career Moves - Becoming a Personal Chef

December 2015: Chef Brings in $26K Per Month

November 2015: Caterer Serves Undercooked Chicken at Funeral

October 2015: The Chef Alliance Relaunches​

September 2015: Woman Sickened by Bacteria-Tainted Food Sues Caterer

March 2015: Yes, You Can afford a Private Chef


February 2014: Member Honoured for French-Caribbean Cuisine


July 2012: Member of The Chef Alliance Honoured in Guadaloupe


May 2010: The Chef Alliance Cooking Up A Storm at Bass Pro Shops


November 2008: New Ways to Purchase Chef Experiences
December 2008: Affordable Chef Insurance At Last

February 2008: The Ultimate Valentine's Gift


December 2007: Hbc Launches Great Gift Experiences for the Person Who Has Everything

November 2007: The Chef Alliance & a Woodbridge Wine Competition

August 2007: The Chef Alliance Demos at the CNE

August 2007: Hot And Spicy Food Festival 

May 2007: Audi's Personal Chef Dinner Experience Giveaways

May 2007: Travelodge Hotels Offer Discounts to Alliance Members

April 2007: Mother's Day Gift Ideas 

February 2007: The Perfect Gift For Valentine's Day


November 2006: Make Life Easier - And More Delicious

November 2006: I Do... Let's Eat

October 2006: The Chef Alliance Supports Breast Cancer Research

May 2006: Mother's Day and A Gluten Free Casein Free (GFCF) Recipe

February 2006: Partnership with


October 2005: Open Letter from Children's Aid Society, Toronto

September 2005: Endangered Fish Alliance

July 2005: Increased Member Benefits

February 2005: Love of Home Cooking Became a Profession


December 2004: The Timeliest Gift

​June 2004: Member Health Benefits

June 2004: Partnership With Shoppers Drug Mart

May 2004: Members Contracted To Do Cooking Demos in Stores

March 2004: In-House Chef


July 2003: Personal Chef UK

June 2003: Focus on Education


November 2002: Dining Star


July 2001: Food for Thought - Sending Out Press Releases


June 2000: We're Eatin' Real Good

The Chef Alliance is the leading organisation of Private & Personal Chefs & Caterers in Canada offering Chefs a place to locate jobs, meet new clients, grow their business, benefit from peer support, discounts to lower their business costs, marketing services & much more.  This allows Chefs concentrate on what they do best - cook great food!