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Digitally Organising Your Business

BY: The Success Managers Team, The Chef Alliance, Posted: January 2020

As an entrepreneur, you're a master juggler - balance work and home life, budgets, accounting, customers, marketing and an endless list of other tasks.  It's common to feel overwhelmed. The new year is a great time to re-evaluate the systems that you have in place. 

There are 3 key areas that you should focus on to help you get organized and make your life a little less stressful.
1. Getting Your Business Organized
2. Organising Work-Life Balance
3. Putting Tax Strategies In Place

This edition, we'll look at getting your business organised.


Keeping much of your paperwork aper-less is a great strategy.  With affordable scanner options available, or by downloading scanning apps on your smartphone or tablet, you can scan important documents and keep them securely stored in a cloud based storage system. 


Rather than an endless number of emails, try to implement document collaborations with your team members or your clients.  This can include Personal Chefs designing menus with clients or modifications to your business branding with your marketing company, for example.  Where you use Google Docs or another format, these are generally user-friendly and easy to track changes.


Getting your bank and credit card statements online is a useful tool.  You no longer have to wade through piles of papers, and can usually access up to 7 years worth of statements without any additional fees, should you misplace a statement.  


Paying for and receiving goods and services using credit cards, Interac e-transfers or services such as PayPal help you keep track of your funds without having to deal with cheque stubs, ATM receipts etc.


Issuing electronic invoices means that you don't have to deal with paper files; you only need to print them out if required, as they are stored in the system you are using.  E-receipts, again, make tracking funds easier, without having to shuffle through boxes or filing cabinets.


It's never too late to take a look at what is coming in to your Inbox.  Too often, and too easily, we sign up for newsletters and marketing emails, most of which we never actually open.  Take a look at what emails are coming in and unsubscribe to those you don't want or need.


Many security experts advise that you should change all of your passwords at least twice a year and that passwords should not be shared across platforms.  This can be time-consuming but it's better than leaving yourself vulnerable.  If you have a large number of passwords, simply divide them into categories and deal with one or two categories each month, leaving the task less daunting.  Investing in a password keeper is also a great tool to keep track of passwords.

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