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By: Menu Magazine, Feb 2019

Here we look at the fastest-growing ingredients in baked goods on Canadian menus over the latest year-over-year period.

By a significant margin, dates grew the most, rising 50.0%. While most mentions are date squares and sticky puddings, some are incorporating this ingredient in innovative ways. For example, Lola Rosa offers its Unbelievable Torte, spotlighting an almond and date crust. With 45%* of consumers reporting they skip dessert because they are too full after meals, operators can menu date-based desserts as a lighter alternative to heavier and more indulgent offerings.

Sprinkles are also on the rise (+29.4%) and often featured atop cakes and brownies. Since younger consumers (ages 18-34) agree that they are willing to pay $1.50* per dessert topping, on average, restaurants should incorporate sprinkles to add further decadence to treats and generate increased traffic from Gen Zers and millennials.

Citrus flavours, orange and Key lime increased by 18.2% and 15.8%, respectively. Operators are showcasing Key lime as a flavouring in pies and tarts, whereas orange compote, curds, tuile and reduction are highlighted in cakes. For instance, Cactus Club Cafe serves Key lime pie, and Vancouver’s Le Crocodile offers chocolate cake made with an orange reduction.

Another growing flavour is cherry, up 9.4%. With 31%** of consumers expressing that they would like more places to offer varied flavour combinations, concepts are featuring cherry compote, syrup, coulis, and liqueur in cakes and cheesecakes to add tartness to these traditionally sweet selections.

*Source: 2018 Canadian Dessert Consumer Trend Report
**Source: 2017 Canadian Flavour Consumer Trend Report

Fastest Growing Ingredients in Baked Goods