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Foodservice & COVID-19

BY: The Success Managers Team, The Chef Alliance, Posted March 2020

The landscape of a world coping with the effects of of COVID-19 is rapidly changing.  We all have questions surrounding COVID-19 and how it has the potential to touch all aspects of our lives – personal, financial and professional.

The Chef Alliance has plans to be here for you when you need us - to answer questions and assist our members.  We ask for your patience and understanding if there are delays in our responses due to the higher-than-normal volume of staff-client interactions.

Our member benefit partner, Restaurants Canada, is advocating for governmental assistance for all foodservice businesses affected by COVID-19 across Canada.  Updates can be found on their website.  If your membership with The Chef Alliance does not include membership in Restaurants Canada, this can be added at any time - simply contact our office for details.

If your current business model has been affected, we would like to remind you that the insurance coverage is for a variety of services, including:

  • Small, artisan/specialty food & drink production (including but not limited to cookies, baked goods, juices, meal kits…) selling directly to consumers, including items delivered by the business owner or through professional food delivery services such as Uber Eats, Skip-The-Dishes etc.;

  • Small, artisan/specialty food & drink production selling directly to consumers at farmer's markets, consumer & community events, trade shows etc.;

  • Personal/ Private Chef services;

  • Small catering events up to 20 people.  For larger events (up to 200 people), we have an option to add additional coverage at any time (details for Large Event Coverage is in the application form);

  • Recreational and institutional cooking lessons, team-building events and cooking demos etc.;

  • Food-styling, nutrition consulting, menu planning, mis-en-place services etc.;

  • ... and many other foodservice businesses

​You may need to vary your offerings, or look into new delivery models to adjust to the evolving situation.  If you have questions, contact our office

We want to thank you for trusting us with your business.  We understand this is an uncertain time for everyone and we are here to continue to support you.

CHEF Sonia



Foodservice & COVID-19 (2)

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