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BY: The Success Managers Team, The Chef Alliance, Posted: August 08 2007

​Chef Sonia, President of The Canadian Personal Chef Alliance, will be one of the judges at the upcoming IRON CHEF competition at the 10th annual Hot & Spicy Food Festival.

Chef Sonia started out in the Personal Chef industry with her company Sonia's Spicy Secrets.  Chef Sonia, who was born in Northern Ireland, specialises in Indian-fusion cuisine, blending her Indian background with her love of European cuisine.

"The Hot & Spicy Food Festival is just one example of the wonderful events in the city that glorify food and the diversity of cultures that make it a great place to be," commented Chef Sonia.

"I am proud to support the Iron Chef event once again. Last year, our Personal Chef representative, Chef Sean, came a very close 2nd in the competition. The fact that a Personal Chef can compete against some of the city's top restaurant chefs highlights the level of excellence that our Personal Chefs strive to maintain. 

Most of our Chefs have come from the restaurant industry, and now offer more specialised in-home catering services or customised meal services, cooking classes and recipe consultation/ menu planning services."

The Festival, which runs from August 10th -12th 2007, at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre (Brigantine Room), will hold its 4th Iron Chef event on Saturday at 1.30pm and 3.30pm, with the finale on Sunday at 3.30pm.

The competitors are as follows:
1.30pm, Saturday
Phil, The Rhyming Chef
Vicky Cheng, Auberge du Pommier
3.30 pm, Saturday
Federico Lopez, visiting from Mexico
Duff Lampard, Westin Harbour Castle Hotel

The winner of each round will proceed to the final on Sunday.

Hot And Spicy Food Festival