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How to Start Juice Bar Business with Small Investment

Opening a juice bar is a lucrative business in the retail food industry. A juice bar can sell freshly squeezed juices and also synthetic mixes. The current trend and awareness of eating healthy food have increased the market potential of fresh juice industry.

Juice bar business is a million dollar industry worldwide and projected to grow. Nowadays, a lot of people look for healthy food like fresh juice. The fresh fruit juice is a resource of minerals, vitamins, and energy.

Any individual having a passion for serving others can start this business. The most important thing is, you can start this business by two ways. One is by opening your own brand. Second is opening a franchise outlet.

You will find a lot of reputed company worldwide offering franchise business. Opening your own brand is a better concept for the people who have previous experience. A franchise is a better deal for beginners.

Skill Required For Juice Bar

No education background is required in nutrition. However, experience in food service industry is a plus. A true passion for fresh fruit and vegetables will allow you to get a better response. One must have good communication skill, a lot of energy, and management capability in this business.

Some important considerations are giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking the time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times. After all, a freshly made juice with a smiling face are the most important factors in this business.

Juice Bar Business Plan

Do some market research. Regional taste of the people matters. It will help you to do better planning. Craft a detailed business plan. Plan about the products and menu list. Determine the inside carpet area of your juice bar. A business plan will help you in arranging startup capital. It is also helpful in getting long-term success in your business.

Calculate your establishment cost with space, equipment and interior. Apparently, you must calculate working capital costs like manpower, raw materials, and utilities. Fix your marketing plan and promotional budget. Determine your business objective. Write mission statement clearly. Calculate an expected rate of return (ROI) and break even.

Check your state law. Register your business first. In the food business, it is advisable to consult with a small business consultant. Following the rules and regulations are mandatory. Check the statutory yearly compliances.

Location For Juice Bar

Location does matter in juice shop business. A shop-in-shop establishment is preferred. A location within a mall, supermarket, gym, cinema hall is good for the juice bar. A great service, innovation, high-quality products and a great location are the key markers of a successful juice store business. In a small scale basis, you can start from a kiosk also.

A stand-alone space is also good for this business. You must ensure the place can secure substantial foot falls to get the optimum profits. A location nearby schools, colleges, swimming club, and fitness centre is ideal.

Starting A Juice Bar

After securing the location, next job is floor planning. This is the most important interior factor for any retail business. According to the amount of space, you will need to draw the lines. Determine the space for juice making activity, cash counter, storage, washing zone and sitting arrangements.

A comfortable atmosphere with trendy decoration will attract more customers. Pay attention to in-store branding. Maintain proper hygiene practices. Concentrate on standing operating procedures. Maintain books of accounts on a regular basis.

Choose your company brand name. Try to give a professional look. Maintain dress code among the staffs. Prepare your promotional tools rightfully. Fix price carefully.

Products For Juice Bar

You can start and run the juice bar in several different approaches. A variety of products definitely increases your profitability. However, in starting, concentrate with limited numbers of products. Fresh fruits and vegetables are perishable items. You must source and keep the fresh products.

Design your menu with some main course juices. Keep some popular blends. You can sell fresh smoothie and fruit salads. Organic fresh juice has also good demand. You can add on this. You can also sell some natural fruit-based ice creams and milkshakes. You can consider adding any type of healthy snacks.

Juice Bar Resources

According to the plan, order the required equipment for juice shop. Some of the important ingredients are the blender, mixer, juicer, freezers etc. You will need to procure cups, cutlery, lids and straws.

Fix the vendors for the regular supply of fresh fruits and vegetables – order basis. Sourcing from the growers is great. However, commercial vendors can supply a variety of materials in a small quantity. Avoid overbuying supplies and always keep your line of supply open.

In the food retail business, employees play the vital role. Friendly behavior with the ability of taking responsibility is the must. Choose experienced staffs.

Promote Your Juice Bar Business

Use every possible way to aware the local crowd.
Publish advertisement on local newspapers.
Promote online and offline both
In-Store Retail Marketing (trade promotion) is a key factor
Consistent service of good quality food ensures repeat customers.
You can consider some co-branding activity with fitness center or sports clubs.
Make your store available on local popular online classifieds.
Try to get some media coverage.
You can also promote on social media.

How to Start a Juice Bar Business 


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