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Posted: November 01 2006

NOTE: At the time of filming, Chef David was a member of The Chef Alliance.  He is no longer a member, so we cannot vouch for his service or that he has liability insurance to protect his clients.

Chef David Paquet of Niagara Gourmet, was recently featured on Food Network Canada's "I do... Let's Eat."

"For the past five years, [David's] run his own catering company, Niagara Gourmet. Completely self-taught – "I learned with my hands and experience" – Chef Paquet has quickly developed a reputation for his customized gourmet menus.

Before meeting with Karla and Louie, Chef Paquet made sure he was prepared by doing some research on the cuisine of Campania. "I think this is what sold me to them," he says. "Louie was so impressed that I took the time to actually get to know his tastes from back home." Louie enthuses, "He won us over. He is very passionate about food."