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Member Health Benefits

The Chef Alliance

Posted:  June 11 2004
Canadian Personal Chef Alliance gets ready to launch Member Health Benefits.

This June sees the launch of "member Health Benefits"

After two years of searching and fine tuning, we are pleased to announce the launch of our Member Health Benefits package, In conjunction with Nacora insurance and with much help from Larry Blatt, we are able to offer a "pick and choose" program. What does this mean? "well our members will be able to customize the plan to suit their lifestyle and budget" says Terry Henderson, owner and Chef.

"It (the program) will offer its members coverage under the Alliance umbrella, for the first time, allowing Personal Chefs, mostly sole proprietors, the opportunity to buy inexpensive coverage"

"We are very proud of this plan" says Henderson, and gives our members yet another benefit in belonging to Canada's home for Personal Chefs!

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