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BY:, Posted: August 2016

NOTE: Chef Feroze was a member of The Chef Alliance until June 2017, after which his membership and liability insurance expired.  Since that time, we can no longer be in a position to vouch for the service provided or that he has liability insurance to protect you.

The MTB Coaches Camp 2016 kicks off with the arrival of 12 lively trainees from all over the globe; UK, Singapore, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and America. Some of our trainees snuck a few days riding in before the course started and got acquainted with the legendary Whistler vibe.

The rest arrived safe and sound, with a quick tour around our awesome chalet. The trainees were also welcomed in by our chef Richard, who had freshly baked bread and snacks ready for our hungry guests. Nothing like a full belly to set the tone for the rest of the 5 weeks training… 

We couldn’t possibly finish the blog without a big shout out to our Chef, Richard Feroze, from our MTB Coaches Camp trainees.  Richard is dishing out the best food in Whistler right in our chalet, with a tremendous smile and a winning attitude! The trainee’s mouths are perpetually watering and the food endorphins are real. Fresh baked bread every day is making us feel very spoiled, so huge thanks from all of us Richard!