At The Chef Alliance, we are dedicated to helping you succeed in your Culinary and Foodservice Career, bringing you a range of membership benefits to lower your business costs. 


Access To Select Trade Discounts and Business Resources


  • Marketing tools, website, pricing and discounts with Constant Contact
  • Special offers from Nord VPN and other Nord security products
  • Members may be eligible for a minimum of 10% off all purchases from Chef Works Canada who supply high-quality products, including: Chef Coats, Pants, Aprons, Shirts, Headwear and Shoes.
  • and much more

Discounts Off Select Business And Training Courses

Topics covered include...

  • Food Safety
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Accounting
  • Personal Chef Services
  • Business Plans
  • and much more

Business Support From Our Success Managers

Our Success Managers have years of experience in the foodservice industry and can provide guidance and resources to help you succeed.

Referrals To Potential Clients

Members market their business to potential consumers and businesses in their local area, knowing that their liability insurance covers them for these privately booked events.  Members have access to contact clients who reach out to The Chef Alliance.

Industry E-Newsletters

Members are sent e-newsletters covering topics such as business advice, industry and menu trends, special offers, and much more.

Food Costing Calculator

This easy-to-use tool has been designed to help you add to your bottom line by managing and reducing your costs and controlling spending.  See which menu items are more profitable, and which ones should be deleted from your menu.

Recipe Standardisation Module

This tool has been designed to show Chefs how to standardize their recipes.  Chefs will receive the knowledge necessary to standardize your recipes to the level of detail required to complete nutrient analysis of menu items. Follow 10 steps to creating a standardized recipe 
•    Recipe Name
•    Ingredients
•    Measurements
•    Preparation Instructions
•    Cooking Temperature and Time
•    Recipe Yield
•    Serving Size and number of Servings
•    Equipment and Utensils
•    Plating Instructions
•    Recipe Testing

Core Membership Benefits in The Chef Alliance


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