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Mobile Credit Card Processing Solutions

BY: The Success Managers Team, The Chef Alliance, Posted: January 2017

Mobile credit and debit card processing (also known as mobile point of sale or mPOS) gives small, independent culinary and foodservice businesses and entrepreneurs a simple, cost-effective solution to accept client payments - whether you are in their home, at a trade show, or at the end of a catering event.  Companies such as Square, PayPal & Moolah all offer these solutions for the ever-changing retail and services sectors.

It is a secure, cost-effective way to process transactions, whether or not you already have a merchant account.  Typically, a credit card reader is attached to your smartphone or tablet, making it a great solution of Chefs who operate their business on-the-go.  All you need is a Dongle (i.e. the card swiper or card-reader) and wi-fi or cellular service for your smartphone or tablet; some companies are now doing away with the Dongle altogether, using technology already built into your phone and their own app which you have to download.  Of course, you’ll need to make sure that your device is compatible with their app, otherwise you may have to purchase a new one.

Once a card is swiped, the customer’s information is routed securely through the processor, the credit card network, the customer’s bank and into your bank account (less the transaction fees, of course).

Although fees will differ from company to company, a bonus is that mobile credit card processors can often charge fewer fees than standard credit card processors.  Fees can be anything from a pay-per-transaction basis to a monthly fee structure.  When doing your comparisons, be sure to ask about all of their fees and charges, including set-up fees, cancellation fees, fees to transfer your money to your account, statement fees etc.

As with any contract, read over it carefully before signing, so that you understand all of your obligations, procedures, cancellation policy etc.