OLG Media Release 2016-07-05, Posted: July 2016

Jackpot Alert: 6/49 offers 'super-sized' draws in July LOTTO

Toronto, ON – A cool, summer-time treat for lottery players kicks off Wednesday with LOTTO 6/49 SUPER WEDNESDAYS.

Throughout the months of July and August, LOTTO 6/49 is offering super-sized draws with 56 Guaranteed prizes each and every Wednesday in addition to the jackpot. The Guaranteed prizes range in value from $1,000 to $1 million! That’s six Guaranteed draws worth $10,000 each, 49 Guaranteed draws for $1,000 each and one GUARANTEED $1 MILLION PRIZE draw.

“We are thrilled to offer our players these LOTTO 6/49 SUPER WEDNESDAYS draws with more chances to win on one selection than ever before,” says Wendy Montgomery, OLG’s Vice President of Lottery Marketing and Sales. “With 56 Guaranteed prizes up for grabs in July and August, LOTTO 6/49 players have a chance to dream big and win any of the prizes per draw plus the jackpot. Someone is going to win and it could be you!”

In a recent survey conducted for OLG, a majority of Ontarians said winning the lottery is their number one dream. Additional fun facts:

• More Ontarians (38%) dream about winning the lottery then falling in love (12%) or becoming famous (3%).
• Achieving financial freedom is the ultimate life dream for Ontario lottery players.
• 38% of Ontarians would hire a personal chef if money was no object.
• 59% of Ontarians prefer spending their disposable income on an experience rather than material goods.  
• 34% of Ontarians say their favourite way to treat themselves is to enjoy a dinner/night out.  

The next LOTTO 6/49 SUPER WEDNESDAYS draw is Wednesday, July 6, 2016. Players can purchase tickets at authorized OLG retailers until 10:30 p.m. for the draw that evening.​

38% of consumers would hire a Personal Chef

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