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Posted June 2016
P.E.I. cook gets creative in clients' kitchens - 'We come home, our meals are cooked, the kitchen is clean — it's fantastic'
By Sara Fraser, CBC News Posted on May 23, 2016 6:47 PM AT 

NOTE: The Chef mentioned in this article is not affiliated with The Chef Alliance.  We cannot vouch for their service or that they have liability insurance to protect their clients

P.E.I. chef Jen McKenna is finding success with a new kind of business — for a flat rate, the certified cook will come into your home and cook a week's worth of meals.

'She makes better meals for us, it makes us healthier.' — James Maher, customer

McKenna's business, called Creative Kitchen, started when she posted a message on Facebook asking if anyone would be interested in an at-home, personal chef.

"From that post I got over 100 messages, so I thought I might as well roll with the idea," said McKenna, noting the idea "kinda blew up" -— in a good way. 

The business is only a few months old, but McKenna said already she can't keep up with demand. 

For $80 McKenna will cook 5 or 6 meals in clients' homes, from food they have purchased themselves. 

McKenna even cleans up after herself and does the dishes. 

'We're busy people'

"Just the ease, we come home, our meals are cooked, the kitchen is clean, it's fantastic," said customer James Maher.  Customer James Maher says the new service is 'fantastic.' (CBC)

"We're busy people, constantly on the go with our kids and sports and work and that kind of thing," said Maher. His family took the money they had been spending on restaurant food and put it toward Creative Kitchen. 

"She makes better meals for us, it makes us healthier," added Maher.

The service is also popular with seniors and people who have mobility issues, said McKenna.

What for now is a side business — McKenna has a full-time job at a restaurant -- will likely soon take over her time, McKenna said. 

Business has been so good, she'll be doing this full-time in the fall and will probably need to hire other cooks.


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P.E.I. cook gets creative in clients' kitchens