BY: The Chef Alliance, Posted:  June 15 2004

"The Canadian Personal Chef Alliance and Shoppers Drug Mart are to partner in the "Life experiences" gift certificate campaign," Terry Henderson tells us today.

"We are extremely proud of this partnership, it is the result of much work and meetings with Shoppers to accomplish this for our members, but we feel with the demand for our services, and the appeal of Shoppers to its clients, that this is a natural match" 

"We are extremely proud to announce our partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart and Life Experiences says Henderson.

"We have been working with Shoppers to introduce the Alliance into the program, this will start in the GTA and move across Ontario over the next couple of months". The program will move to BC in the fall, and the rest of Canada in the winter, with over 250 stores in the GTA, 900 stores in Ontario and 2500 stores across Canada, Shoppers and the Alliance are very excited to be working together.

Here is how it works, the customer buys the gift certificate at his/her local shoppers, gives it to the lucky recipient. The recipient calls shoppers and activates the card, then calls our toll free number.

They give us their location and we find them a chef, at the same time we verify the card. We send the leads to our members who in turn meet with the client and set up the date!!! A wonderful experience that is sure to please!!!

Convenience, service and wonderful food all in one place!!! 

Updated: These Experiences are no longer available.​  The Canadian Personal Chef Alliance is rebranded to The Chef Alliance.

Partnership With Shoppers Drug Mart

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