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Recovering from COVID-19's impact

BY: The Success Managers Team, The Chef Alliance

All sectors of the economy have been adversely affected by COVIOD-19.  Here are some ways to help reduce the effects on your business.


Use gloves for food preparation and delivery.
Have anyone involved in food preparation wash their hands for 20 seconds at least every 20 minutes.
Clean all equipment, surfaces and utensils, food storage areas including door handles on a regular, frequent schedule.
Stay updated on the latest government and health department recommendations and follow these guidelines.


Inform clients of any new takeout and delivery options that your business has introduced.
Update and revise food safety and sanitation protocols and ensure that these precautions are in line with government and public health officials’ suggestions.
Communicate how your business has enhanced food safety and sanitation protocols to keep food and people safe.  
If working in a client's home or place of business, inform clients of how you are addressing social distancing, wearing masks and COVID-19 to reduce their risk of exposure.


Provide customers with options for contact-free delivery or pick-up. Allow clients to add comments or additional details on how they wish their delivery or pick-up to be handled, e.g. side door


Offer special rates to first responders and front-line workers.
Offer discounts on pickup orders.
Donate tips/gratuities to help staff impacted by COVID-19 or first responders.
Special offers such as 10% off dinner packages for 10 or more people, holiday dinner packages, etc.
Some delivery partners have introduced contactless delivery, which consists of dropping food at a pre-determined location or outside the front door of a house. This reduces the risk of transmitting the virus from person to person.
Broaden your range of food items being offered or services being offered to make the most of your time using commercial kitchen rentals or to avoid having to cook in a client's home.


Ask the customer if they want to have a contactless delivery and if there are any special comments for delivery.
Discuss or provide information of the terms of contactless delivery.
Notify them when the delivery person is nearby.
Have the delivery person place the order in a safe or designated place chosen by the customer.
Have the delivery person move back at least two metres until the customer collects the order.