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The Chef Alliance

November Sale!

Promotional Period: November 1 to November 30 2020

Sign Up for an 8-month, regular Membership*


get up to 10% off your membership fees!


Sign up for a Classic or Classic Plus Membership**


get up to 20% off your membership fees


Sign Up for a 3- or 6-month Short Term Membership and get

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Any memberships started November 1st to 15th will get
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a Premier Package of Member Benefits
Any memberships started November 16th to 30th will get
$30 off
a Premier Package of Member Benefits

Terms and conditions apply. Contact Us now to request an application form to join The Chef Alliance or for more details on this promotion and Membership pricing.


*8-month regular Membership refers to Silver, Gold and Platinum memberships from November to June 30th 2021. Lump sum payment plans are eligible to receive a 10% discount; 2-pay plans are eligible to receive a 7.5% discount; 3-pay plans are eligible to receive a 5% discount; 4-pay plans are eligible to receive a 2.5% discount.

**8-month Classic memberships from November to June 30th 2021 may be eligible to receive a 10% discount.  8-month Classic Plus memberships from November to June 30th 2021 may be eligible to receive a 20% discount. 

Promotional Offers cannot be applied retroactively. New members who submit an application form without the Promo Code are not entitled to receive the Promotional Offer, irrespective of any discussion with a Success Manager.  Promotional Offers have no cash value and cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion.  New members only; does not apply to current or renewing members.  Promotional Offers expire at 16.59pm on the final day of each offer period; payments*** must be processed before the offers expire.  Offers cannot be applied to short term memberships unless indicated.  Where appropriate, Classic, Classic Plus and Premier Package payments must be paid in a lump sum upon initiating your membership and cannot be processed on a payment plan.  All Membership pricing is subject to HST.  Discounts are applied after tax has been calculated.  If any defaults on membership payments occur, then any discount amounts applied to the account for offers and promotions will be due and payable in addition to any outstanding fees, late fees, interest and membership instalments.  Premier Package is regularly priced at $19/month.  Discounts and account credits cannot be deferred, transferred or shared with anyone.  All memberships under the Promotional Offers are for the period from initiation until June 30 2021, unless a Short Term Membership or otherwise agreed upon with a Success Manager; standard terms and conditions of Membership apply.  Gross annual sales must be below $80,000.00; sales through retail stores and large production amounts are not be covered.  All membership plans are on auto-renew unless a Short Term membership or otherwise requested by April 1st of the Term and will be subject to any annual increases. There are no refunds should you wish to cancel part-way through the Term, and the full amount owing for the entire Term would still be payable upon cancellation if paying on a payment plan.

***Payments - if paying in a lump sum (1-Pay Plan), then the full amount less any discount will be due and payable; if paying on a payment plan, then any discount will be applied to the first payment unless otherwise indicated and the first payment must be made.

Special Membership Offer - November 2020