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BY: The Success Managers Team, The Chef Alliance, Posted: August 8 2007

NOTE: The Chefs mentioned in this article are no longer members of The Chef Alliance; we do not vouch for their services nor do we have any knowledge that they have liability insurance to protect their clients.

​This year, The Canadian National Exhibition, with an expected attendance in excess of 1.25 million people, will take place from August 17th to September 3rd 2007. We are proud to announce that 2 of The Chef Alliance members will be conducting demos on the Cooking Stage. 

Chef Jono McDonough will be on stage on August 22nd, making a Wheatberry Salad. Chef Shawn Rocchi will be demonstrating a Sweet Crab & Shrimp Cake with a Pear & Cabbage Coleslaw and a Sweetcorn Puree. He will be on stage on August 30th 2007.

"The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is an 18-day fair taking place every August concluding on Labour Day. Over its 128 year history, the CNE has grown to be the largest annual fair in Canada and the fifth largest in North America attracting approximately 1.3 million visitors each year. 

The programs and exhibits of the CNE encompass the 192 acres of Exhibition Place in Toronto including eight buildings and structures designated as historical sites under the Ontario Heritage Act."

The Chef Alliance Demos at the CNE