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BY: The Success Managers Team, The Chef Alliance, Posted: October 21 2006

NOTE: Chef Smith mentioned is no longer a Member of The Chef Alliance and we cannot vouch for her services or if she has liability insurance coverage to protect her clients.

The Canadian Home & Country Show (Toronto) will be launching their 2006 Show with an ‘exclusive shopping event and auction’ in support of the Canadian Cancer Society & Breast Cancer Research on October 26th 2006 from 6.30 to 10.00 pm. The Canadian Personal Chef Alliance has provided their full support to this worthwhile cause, by promoting it to chefs and clients. 

Alliance member, Joanna Smith of ‘Simply Good Food,’ has generously donated her time and delectable dishes in support of the event. Stop by Joanna’s table and try some of her mouth-watering samples. 

Simply Good Food offers several food experiences and personal chef services: from stocking your home with personally tailored meals, to "living life, loving food" experiences which include Spa at home parties, special occasion dinner parties, cooking demonstrations and much more. All of these great food experiences help the client's of Simply Good Food take back their precious free time and live life to the fullest. A Personal Chef is for everyone, it's a much deserved and affordable service: you will wonder how you ever lived without.

For more details on personal chefs or to hire one in your area, contact our office.

Chef Alliance Supports Cancer Research