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Woodbridge Wine Competition

Posted November 2 2007

Check out the next couple of issues of Canadian Living Magazine for a competition run by "Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi."

The winner will receive a dinner party conducted by the Canadian Personal Chef Alliance, as well as a selection of Waterford Crystal glasses. 

Good luck to all who enter! We look forward to serving you!

This highlights the growing trend within the wine industry and beyond, to use Personal Chef Experience packages for prizes. This competition follows those conducted by Naked Grape Wines, Santa Isabella wine, Toasted Head wine, and Sawmill Creek wine.

The Canadian Personal Chef Alliance, which is Canada's premier personal Chef organisation, has also conducted Chef Services which were provided as prizes for Sobeys & Scott Paper and TELUS.

"The interest in our Chef Experience packages by the corporate sector has increased dramatically over the past 12 months," commented Chef Sonia, President of the Alliance. "It is a very exciting time for our chefs and the industry as a whole. 

"People are starting to realise that hiring a Personal Chef is not just for the rich and famous, but is akin to hiring a cleaning service or a gardener; Personal Chefs save their clients time, energy and money!"

Yes, believe it or not, Personal Chefs can save their clients money!! There is no longer a frantic rush to decide what to eat for dinner, so people are less likely to purchase fast foods, processed 'meals' or dine out at a restaurant. Instead, they can stay in the comfort of their home, and enjoy a meal that has been lovingly prepared just for them!

For dinner parties, Personal Chefs cook right in the client's kitchen. "We had a wonderful time watching Chef Cheryl prepare our dinner," said Diana, a client in Calgary. "We are a group of Foodies, but even we learned a thing or two!" 

Updated: These experiences are no longer available.

For more information on hiring a Personal Chef or to become a Personal Chef, contact us.

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