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Premier Package of Benefits in The Chef Alliance

At The Chef Alliance, we are dedicated to helping you succeed in your Culinary and Foodservice Career, bringing you a range of membership benefits to lower your business costs.  Our Premier member benefits are available to some members.


Complimentary Membership in Restaurants Canada

​Members may be eligible to receive a complimentary membership in Restaurants Canada (formerly known as The Canadian Restaurant and Foodservice Association).  This membership also has a wide variety of additional benefits, including...

  • Industry magazines and monthly newsletters

  • Free entry to their annual shows across Canada

  • Business and industry tools, insights and research
  • and much more

Access to Industry Insights, Webinars and Online Resources, Includes:

Discounts on online National Food Safety Training Program

  • Food Safety Hazards
  • Facilities & Equipment Design

  • Control of Hazards Following Flow of Food

  • Sanitation and Pest Control
  • Equipment and Utensils
  • Employee and Visitor Issues

Discounts on Smart Serve Training Packages

  • Training can be completed online 24/7
  • Training will prepare you to work where alcohol is sold, served, or sampled
  • Learn with short videos, quizzes, text/audio, activities, and games before completing the Final Certification Test online.
  • Six (6) different languages: English, French, Chinese, Korean, Punjabi, and Spanish. 

Discounts on Advertising in the Ontario Filmmaker Directory

  • Free ad design
  • Exclusive discounted rates for advertising
  • Promotion of your food/services to film producers, production companies, film studios and personnel in the wider film industry

Access to The Latest Menu And Industry Trends

Stay informed and on top of all the latest foodservice menu trends, shifting consumer demands, new food products and product recalls by e-newsletter and industry magazines.

Access to Foodservice and Industry Trade Shows and Events

  • Free or Discounted entry to select foodservice industry tradeshows across Canada
  • Connect with suppliers, advertisers, industry leaders, marketing professionals, celebrity chefs, distributors and foodservice professionals
  • Learn about and/or sample new ingredients and food products

Complimentary Foodservice Magazines and E-Newsletters, Including:

  • Menu Magazine
  • Restobiz Bytes

Access to Group Rates for Home, Auto and Health Insurance

Members may have access to exclusive insurance and group benefit programs specially designed for foodservice businesses, covering home insurance, auto insurance, and health/dental insurance.

Access to Preferred Rates For Tax and Legal Services

Some members may be eligible to receive complimentary legal and/or tax consultations.​  You can use this service to discuss...

  • Contracts with clients, suppliers, employees, landlords etc.
  • ​Terms and conditions on invoices and gift certificates
  • Lease, partnership and purchase agreements
  • Invoicing, billing and tax issues
  • Many more legal and financial issues

Access to Discounted Background Checks

This is ideal if your business hires staff to go to clients’ homes/workplaces and results can be received within minutes.  This is especially important if staff have access to:

  • Your company's finances and financial information
  • Sensitive documents such as contracts and employee files
  • Client databases and client files
  • Your intellectual property such as recipe databases etc.

Discounts on Business Products

Discounts on products such as cheques, promo materials, business cards, invoices etc.

and much more!

For more information about any aspect of membership, please contact a Success Manager