The Chef Alliance is a Canadian membership organisation for: 

- Personal & Private Chefs, 

- Chefs & Cooks,

- Caterers,

- Small-scale or Artisan Food & Drink Producers & Bakers,

- Nutritionists,

- Culinary Instructors

- Home Cooks and the Food-Sharing Industry

- .... and many more!

Referral Program

The Chef Alliance runs a successful program which rewards Chefs for referring their culinary friends and peers to The Chef Alliance.
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Recent Article - Why Canadians are Choosing Restaurants over the Kitchen

Canadians are increasingly foregoing home cooked grub for quicker, ready-to-eat meals or dining at a restaurant, a new study suggests.
A Dalhousie University survey found nearly 42 per cent of Canadians are either buying ready-to-eat meals or eating at a restaurant once or twice a week, while another 3 per cent admitted to doing so on a daily basis.

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"One of the scariest things about starting my own business was the thought of being sued because of a mistake.  I have a young family, and although I have over 10 years of cooking experience in top restaurants, it took a lot of courage and support from my friends and family to take the leap.  Finding The Chef Alliance was a godsend - knowing that I have the insurance to protect me and my clients took a huge weight off my shoulders.  I've now been a Personal Chef for over 6 years, and haven't had to call on the insurance, yet I wouldn't be without it.  It's my safety net and my peace of mind."
Chef Liz

"Since becoming a member of The Chef Alliance, I not only feel more secure working as a personal chef as a result of the insurance and legal benefits, but I feel more secure knowing that I am a part of a community of great chefs, all working towards the same goal – creating restaurant quality food in the comfort of people’s own homes.  The Chef Alliance has given me the opportunity to both expand my network of clients and receive discounted rates on services that benefit the growth of my business."
Chef Mozer

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Since 2001, we have been an industry leader, supporting the culinary industry in growing strong, successful businesses, through mentorship, peer support, marketing, business savings and low-cost liability insurance.

International Members

The Chef Alliance welcomes Chefs from outside Canada to join our growing alliance for a small annual fee.
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The Chef Alliance