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Article - So You Think Your Home Insurance Covers Your Business?

Many entrepreneurs believe that, since they run their business from home they are covered by their home insurance.  They are, however, putting their lives and hard-earned assets (including their homes and cars) at risk, without realizing it, because they don’t realize that they should have liability insurance coverage or don’t think they need it.  What they don’t think about is that in today’s highly litigious society, liability insurance is more important than ever before.

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Protect Your Business & Your Assets

A VPN connection connects a user to the internet through an encrypted tunnel.  The VPN server acts as a relay between the internet and the computer. so no third party can see what data the user transmits through the web...

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Commercial General Liability Insurance is considered comprehensive business insurance.  It is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage to a business for bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage caused by your business operations, products, or injury that occurs on the business's premises.  For example: a client gets food poisoning
or someone breaks a tooth when biting into food that you prepared...

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The moment you upload a file to the cloud, you lose control over it. Your file reaches a cloud server and you are now dependent on the cloud company to keep your data safe and private. But is it worth the trust?  Secure Cloud Storage allows you to sync photos from your phone, your files on your computer and your work collaborations to and from the cloud in a user-friendly manner...

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The Chef Alliance - an industry leader, supporting Chefs and Cooks in the culinary industry in growing strong, successful businesses, through mentorship, peer support, marketing, and business cost reduction initiatives.  Click on the business descriptions, below, for more information:​  

From Our Members

CHEF NINA said "I am truly thankful for your help, support and responses with all my inquires. This association is a huge blessing for me."

CHEF LIZ said "One of the scariest things about starting my own business was the thought of being sued because of a mistake.  I have a young family, and although I have over 10 years of cooking experience in top restaurants, it took a lot of courage and support from my friends and family to take the leap.  Finding The Chef Alliance was a godsend - knowing that I have the insurance to protect me and my clients took a huge weight off my shoulders.  I've now been a Personal Chef for over 6 years, and haven't had to call on the insurance, yet I wouldn't be without it.  It's my safety net and my peace of mind."

CHEF MOZER said "Since becoming a member of The Chef Alliance, I not only feel more secure working as a personal chef as a result of the insurance and legal benefits, but I feel more secure knowing that I am a part of a community of great chefs, all working towards the same goal – creating restaurant quality food in the comfort of people’s own homes.  The Chef Alliance has given me the opportunity to both expand my network of clients and receive discounted rates on services that benefit the growth of my business."

CHEF ASHAE said "​I love the services you offer but [the fees are] too much for me as I’m just starting out...."   Within a few days, she wrote back saying, "...after doing a bit more research i realize that this rate is absolutely fair and I need to adjust..."

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Article - Spice Up Your Email Marketing Plan

Ask any marketing professional, and they will resoundingly agree that a sound email marketing campaign is THE most effective tool in your advertising arsenal.

But how, as a small business, do you go about doing this without breaking the bank? The key is to make your emails valuable to the reader and avoid 'email fatigue.'  It's important to remember to balance the number of emails being sent to your contact list.  

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NordPass Member Discount Offer for The Chef Alliance